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P.N. Fernando & Company (Pvt.) Ltd. is a DFAR & EDB approved leading seafood processing company in Sri Lanka was established more than 35 years ago in the year 1985 and registered as a private limited company as if it is incorporated under the companies Act.No.7 of 2007 in 7th of April 2008. It is a leading fresh and frozen seafood collector, exporter and processor in locally and internationally. The company has grown from its inception and now it is located in a 100,000 sq. ft area to facilitate the growth of the group of companies. Many years of experience have made the company one of Sri Lankan’s largest exporter where quality and reliability are keywords. Currently P N Fernando & Company has over millions of satisfied customer base and the company has been able to uphold the reputation and trust of their customers through offering their products as per the customer requirements.

P.N. Fernando & Company (Pvt.) Ltd., Phase 1, No.120/2 Wewala, Ja-Ela, Sri lanka It has belonged to three factories in order to process and export all varieties of commercial fish species for EU and Non-EU Countries.

P.N. Fernando & Company (Pvt.) Ltd., Phase 2, its prime objective being exports and expands its activities into many value-added products and it supplies the highest quality Value Added Prawns/Shrimps, Cuttlefish, Squids, Blue Swimming Crab / Sea Crab, Lobster, Shoe Lobster/Slipper Lobster & Octopus products to EU and Non-EU countries. The processing plant located at No.76, St. Theresa Mw, Wewala, Ja Ela, Sri Lanka and spreading area of 10804 sq. ft. 100 employees working in the organization currently.  A factory conforming to EU standards and comply with microbiological, Chemical, Physical, and hygienic parameters of EU. Staff is trained in hygiene and supervised by a team of experienced personnel and trained to grade the seafood according to the best standards and use the excellent and best packaging to ensure the quality of the products until it is delivered worldwide.

With a wide range of seafood, P.N Fernando & Company guarantees the maximum quality of the products by ensuring the grading standards of the seafood purchases directly from the seafood suppliers all over the country with prompt collecting services and maintaining the quality standards during the grading and packaging process such as, GMP, SSOP and HACCP.

Company agents who are positioned at Collecting Centers purchase raw materials from company registered fishing folks who engaged in sustainable & environmentally friendly fishing methods. Food safety is our ultimate goal.

Further, it is expected to expand the business strategy by extending the product category to the aquaculture product. To reach this target, the company has already launched own prawn farms in Mangalaeliya & Arachchikattuwa and mud crab farms in Pambala and Kalpitiya.

The company is fully committed to supply fresh & safe product to its customer. It is bounded to comply with local and international regulations & standards & comply with customer requirements & also to care the environment as a policy.