About Us

P.N.Fernando & company (Pvt) ltd. is a experienced fresh fish Exporter company from Sri Lanka, focused on Exporting various kind of fish product for the world market, specialized in processing and exporting fresh fish for the world market over 20 years.

Many years of experience have made our company one of Sri Lankan largest exporters of fresh fish, where quality and reliability are keywords. A wide variety of fresh seafood products are exported on a daily basis. We are Supplying mainly to Singapore, Taiwan, Male, Hong Kong, etc .Today we cover an export list of more than 30 Products of Fresh fish Seafood and Aquatic Products.

The preparation and packaging of the products is undertaken by fully trained and skilled staff who perform their duties in a high-tech environment adhering to international quality standards. P.N.Fernando & company (Pvt) ltd. conforms to each customer's specific requirements of size, weight, quantity with excellent quality.

Our Quality is 100% assured and we are satisfying all of our Buyers. Not only our products are high quality ones but our prices are very attractive too.